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#seinfeldemoji #newcatchphrase

#seinfeldemoji #newcatchphrase


was also my response to this song when I heard it for the first time on the radio.  much has already been written about Future Islands Letterman performance but I think this article from the Guardian best encapsulates where my own new found obsession with the band (and this hypnotic performance) is at right now.

It’s been three months since this performance was aired and I still can’t get over it.  It’s like watching a favourite film - there’s so much familiar emotion and such a clear journey all from this one performance, it’s just incredible.

silver springs by fleetwood mac

In case you weren’t already aware of my fierce obsession with this song, I have taken to listening to it again on repeat so you know what this means…….

Uploads of covers of Landslide will follow shortly.

Such is my Fleetwood Mac merry-go-round.  Starts with listening to ‘Rumours’ in full a few times.  Then I move onto this.  Then Landslide takes over.  Then I try to listen to ‘Tusk’, get half way through and remember that I prefer ‘Rumours’.  I go back to playing that on repeat and so the cycle starts again.

In other words - i’m getting my period in 2-3 days.

@sohnmusic is the only performer I know who has ever managed to silence an #OAF crowd


Been sitting on this for over a year but I think now I am finally ready.

something happened on the way to heaven by phil collins

Phil Collins is one of the most underrated pop-rock icons of my generation.  We idolise the Pauls (Simon and McCartney…obvs) and Bowie,  Elton John gets the ironic/guilty pleasure nod from the hipsters but Collins is mostly forgotten by youngsters like me who lump him in the dag basket.

And while i’ll admit that this video clip is the definition of 80’s dag - I mean the dog is just a waste of money and I have absolutely no idea what the message of the clip is meant to be but that shouldn’t detract from the fact that this is a catchy tune that has actually been stuck in my head all night.

I think that if we all allowed ourselves to fall down the Youtube rabbit hole and listen to a selection of Phil Collins songs we would find ourselves reunited with the familiar lyrical hooks and toe tapping bridges of the disregarded pop anthems of our early childhood.

You can run and you can hide but this song is not leaving your head anytime soon, so just give in and give Phil a second go - you won’t be sorry.

Well…….here goes nothing……

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R.I.P Rik Mayall

Always had a mega crush* on Drop Dead Fred but having just rewatched the movie it’s rather alarming at how absolutely inappropriate this movie is for children.  Between this and Problem Child it’s quite clear that children of the 90’s were complete inconsiderate assholes.  But at least we had a great sense of humour….

someone to call my lover by janet jackson

Janet is still on my mind.  Woke up with this in my head and have spent most of the morning choreographing an epic dance routine to it.  Maybe one day I will show you……

son of a gun by janet jackson feat missy elliott

There’s a lot of bee’s buzzing about Iggy Azalea’s billboard chart feats and quite frankly it’s making me feel quite old because I just.  Don’t. Get it.

Have these kids never heard of Missy Elliot before?  Do they not know what real female MC’s sound like?  And i’m talking Missy Elliot here….I mean she was good, but she wasn’t even the best one! (Although obviously paired with Janet on this track they both absolutely killed it)

I blame Nicki Minaj.